Luther Media's commitment is to connect you to consumers whose business returns tremendous long-term results.

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Luther Media
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Luther Media is How You Connect

Luther Media is a Colorado company committed to building bridges between consumers and our clients.

Luther Media was founded by Colorado college student and Seattle transplant Travis Luther. Luther is the consummate entrepreneur. At 16 he purchased his first rental property. At 17 he opened a skateboard and snowboard shop. At 19 he sold the rental property and opened a cafe. At 20 he purchased an additional coffee shop. At 21 he left eastern Washington, eventually landing in Seattle. At 22 he started an independent record label and toured nationally in a rock and roll band. At 24 Travis took his ideas on marketing and advertising and started Luther Media.

Today, Luther Media clients have included Mercedes-Benz, The Denver Nuggets, The Colorado Avalanche as well as a number of other Colorado businesses and non-profits.

Luther Media works with those who share Luther’s entrepreneurial spirit. If you think our experience, companies, partners, and projects are a rather eclectic collection of work (politics, parking, lawyers, and designer clothes) it is because we look for opportunities, not work. We are looking for opportunities to challenge traditional thinking and find the most effective ways to help our clients connect. If you have an opportunity you would like to see through, please contact us.